Некогда. Тупо некогда.
Мне вломм переводить на русский сейчас, пойду лучше виверну завалю.

Oh, well, I finally started it.
I don't know, when I will have finished work with the last page of the novel - it take 30-60 min for page, I have no so many free time.
But someday, someday!

The text do not contains furigana, but you can found it on the photo of the novel's pages.

I don't translate the novel, I'm only can recognize jp text (asdfjhkvf FineReader!).
If you know somebody, who can translate and do it - please, let me know!
And if you found any mistakes in the text - please, let me know too!


The first chapter has 5 pages, it is narrating about Winona's death and Dhaos's defeating in the past.
Oh, my... *cry*

Читать на японском

Download ~6Mb, rar, the archive contains photo of the novel's pages (jpg, ~1000*1500) sorry, I don't want to ruin the book, novel info (txt) and text of the chapter (txt, unicode).

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