Некогда. Тупо некогда.
Йа патом на русский переведу, сейчас уползаю спать.

I still have did it.
I have scaned the next chapter, photo processing is really hard and takes more time.

Chapters in the novel are named "acts", like acts of play in theatre.
The "First Act" is divided into the 6 parts, there is the first of them.
In this part: Winona's performance in Mitgard, after it she went to search the unicorn and meets with Edward D.Morison, after that Jestona appears and leaves with Morison (Jestona in this moment looks like a middle-years man; Morison knew Jestona and it seems that they are not enemys, but I didn't translated and probably i'm mistaken about "enemys";).
Edward D.Morison so cuuuuuute!

TOP Katararezaru Rekishi. Ch 1. Act One - 4201 - Part 1. (1 of 6)
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Download .rar, ~13Mb, scans (12p, jpg, 300dpi and wryyyyyy, sorry), text of the novel (txt, unicode), novel-info

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